von | Mrz 27, 2019 | All, Studies

While the writing and research progress is still ongoing I gathered some new impressions. At the moment I am reading the book ‚Death‘ by Todd May wich gets closer to the topic from a more philosophical position.
As already mentioned in my last post the informational Liporello reached the next question. How can I show the circle of life and that all this is one within the booklet. One line that crosses and connects all pages could be an option. As I already know that there are going to be a lot of quotations in this part I thought about using something like this to make this whole thing one and on the other hand to separate the written from the list of references. But just a line seams a little straight and maybe boring kind of. My next thought was about the Line of an EKG or words, scribbles can be seen in the picture below. But mostly I liked the idea of a mountain like shape with uneven edge wich doesn’t paint a line but a shape until the bottom of the paper.
The thick yellowish paper works pretty well with it I think.
For the poster I started a second attempt in printing it from the back so the typo can be seen from behind.