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Nowadays we have different types of burials.

  • Burial in earth: It was preferred for a long time.
  • Cremation:
    • The wooden coffin with the dead body will be burned to ashes at 850°C.
    • After around 75 minutes the ashes will be collected and put into a specific ash capsule after separating medical implants if there were.
    • Based on that there are different subsequent procedures possible:
  • Urn burial:
    • Similar like a standard earth burial. It needs smaller area.
    • Burial into steles.
  • Burial at sea: Ashes will be dispersed from a boat into sea.
  • Tree burial: The urn can be buried in a special forest under trees.
  • Sky burial: Not allowed in every country: Ashes can be spread into the wind, sometimes on specific areas or in the sky from a plan etc.