von | Feb 10, 2019 | All, Studies

Who really knows a lot about dying? Before death and what happens with the dead person after that. Being honest, I guess the fewest in my level of age. And when I started asking, I realised, that this kind of issue is somehow banned in our social environment. Why? There are various reasons. Shall we dig into deep? No, I think there is no need. Isn’t it more attractive to come along with some viable and social reasonable things, that will invite us to develop an easier approach to this serious issue. I think so. This is the simple idea of my students project. And this is the starting point of my blog. It begins with my experience with death. How would I handle the situation before and after? What happens with the dead person really and in detail? What has to be done? People are so different and death as well. What is my attitude for that issue? Well, I am lucky, that there were not so many people around me who died.That’s the reason, why I’m collecting material. Material from different cultures, text works, music, pictures a lot more. This is the starting point for my discussion. And the discussion will lead us to highlight helpful things getting an easier approach.
Be welcome to attend and take part of the development!