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  • As a family member you have the duty to organise the burial, independent of heritage.
  • First of all a certificate of death is needed, after somebody died. Otherwise you won’t be allowed to move the body. In some countries a second certificate is need before the body will be cremated.
  • Officially you need in addition the id card of the died person, certification of birth, evtl. certifications of marriage, divorce, or of already died partners.
  • If there is a documented „last will“, it’s needed and has to be send to probate court. You normally get an information of the court that it is now needed.
  • Call an undertaker to support you.
  • The death has to be reported to the register office, mostly it will be done by a funeral parlour.
  • The official death certificate from the register office is now the most important documents you need for further steps.
  • Report the death to assurances, employer, banks, etc.
  • Another important document is a „general power of attorney beyond the death“, that enables you to access the bank account and to act in place of the death person.