How To Revive Social Perception

Project Description

This student project in the scope of design studies at Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen addresses the fundamental loss of normal perception of death in our culture. Whenever we have to face up death in our family, with friends or in our direct neighbourhood we are not only shocked by the loss and emotional hurt. We often don’t know what happens after somebody passed by. What has to be organised? What must be done? What has to be done immediately and what can be pushed on the back burner? What possibilities do we have to take leave of somebody. All these questions can only be answered if we think about before.
This project tries to develop simple mechanism to attract the interest of audience and give them some short and impressing guidance. The target is to connect the death again to our life as a painful but normal situation.
 In my blog you can follow up the process of the project, beginning with research of material for brainstorming up to early drafts and blueprints.